Acrylic Windows

  • Complete New Room
  • Provides Protection, Privacy & Security
  • Increases the Value of your Property
  • Lowers Insurance Rates
  • Keeps Rain Out
  • Block UV Rays from the Sun


Keeps Mosquitoes, Bugs, Snakes, Lizards & other unwanted visitors out of your property


                      1. 1 1/8 separation between acrylic vents guarantees the acrylic will not scratch when operating window vents.
2. Pure nylon rollers; no rusting, no speaking
3.Optional extruded removable screens with non-slip lift tabs
4. Full length handles grips for effortless operation
5. Frame and panels are screwed together, not riveted
6.Available in white or bronze frame

7.Clear or tinted vents
8. Heavy duty security cam locks are standard
9. Energy Saving weather stripping
10. Vents glide on a "T" track, above dirt and debris
11. Vents remove easily for cleaning
12. Available in 2, 3, or 4 vent models with all vents moveable
13. Inside or outside mount frame installation
14. Lifetime limited warranty